Why get Certified?
  • Expert recognition of your learning and skills
    Obtaining an ICDL Foundation certification means you have joined a group of people that is over 6 million strong and growing fast your skills have been learned from and verified by the global leaders in the field.
  • Better employment opportunities
    In addition to proving your ability to use computer applications, your skills are recognised through the ICDL Foundation certificate in 146 countries around the world by Governments, Employers and Academic Institutions.
  • An internationally valued certificate
    To date we have administered around 20,000,000 tests worldwide. Our expertise in applying test standards guarantees that regardless of which country you undertake your learning and testing in, the standard will be the same and it will be equally valued by employers and academic institutions.
  • Flexible learning and skills
    An ICDL Foundation certification stands for flexible, vendor-neutral skills. The skills you acquire will help you to work with applications from most software companies both now and in the future. ICDL Core V 4.0 has been approved for the following software applications:
  • Open Office
  • Star Office
  • XP
  • 2003
  • MAC
  • Lotus Smartsuite

Please contact the ICDL Foundation with any comments about software and testing applications.
  • IT skills for all
    Our certification programmes receive the backing of National and Regional Governments and international organisations like the European Commission and UNESCO. We are a not-for-profit Foundation and are not answerable to shareholders or software industry backers. Our certifications are for everyone irrespective of gender, ethnicity, physical ability, age or speciality area.