What can I learn?

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Computers for absolute beginners

Know someone who wants to get started with using a computer? We can help with the very basics.

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Using the Internet & email

Being able to access the Internet and use email means you can travel the world without leaving the house! Learn how to effectively 'surf the net' and how to send instant electronic communications to friends around the globe.

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Buying online

Unsure of how to access those new services your local council, favourite airline or supermarket is now offering? Whether it is getting the weekly shopping done from home or submitting your tax returns, learn how to conduct financial transactions safely and securely online.

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How computers work

Need to get to grips with what you can do with a computer? You might be surprised to learn what difference being computer literate can make to your daily life.

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Essential computer skills

Computers can appear daunting at first - but learn how to effectively interact with the machine and you'll soon have it jumping to your commands!

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Writing letters and documents

Create and print professional, written documents using the word processing application on your computer. Letters, brochures, faxes and reports can all be produced when you know how.

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Working with calculations and figures

Computers are great at crunching numbers so why not learn how to let the machine take the strain with your accounts or personal finances.

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Storing and managing data

We all need to keep records of names, contacts, addresses or even hobby related records like family tree research. Learn how to keep your records well organised and secure on your computer.

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Creating presentations

Good presentation and speaking skills are essential in many walks of life - your computer can help you transform a speech or talk into an engaging multimedia presentation.

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Working with digital images

Learn how to get the most out of your digital camera by using your computer as an electonic photo album, or even create your own original digital artwork.

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Creating and maintaining websites

The Internet is a great tool for communicating with the whole world - why not learn how to make your own presence on the web for your family or business.

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Skill Level 2 iconComputer aided design

Whether you are in the trade or an enthusiast, 2D CAD skills can help you to design homes, interiors, gardens or other objects with speed and precision.

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