Higher education female employees are training on ICDL

Ministry of education wants to open a new center for tests and training specialized for women. This center is to train ministry female employees to gain their own ICDL certification that help them develop and enrich ministry skills.

The using of ICDL by the ministry of higher education comes behind the importance of the computer usage in the ministries. What makes the manager of the managerial development assures this, is the universal skill level of ICDL.

The manager of ICDL Saudi Arabia Dr.Jamal Al Hefdhi assures that the organization has received an essay from the managerial development in the higher education calls for creating or opening a new center for females other that the main men center. The ministry prepared all the laboratories from PC to other training methods that walk through the ICDL releases. The trust in ICDL itself allows this center to be created.

Dr.Jamal Al Hefdhi assures that big success that has been made behind using the ICDL make the ICDL itself a standard certificate that is approved locally and universally.